Menos es mƔs. Lleva la tendencia "minimal" a tu piel.

Less is more. Bring the "minimal" trend to your skin.

On average, the cosmetics we use daily are composed of between 20 and 30 different ingredients. Most of these ingredients are excipients, meaning filler compounds that reduce costs but do not provide any benefit to our skin.

More and more people can affirm that the simplest beauty products work. Avoiding formulas with artificial chemicals and opting for compositions with fewer ingredients but well formulated to enhance each other has become a trend in cosmetics that is gaining followers. The reason? Their benefits are proven.

Higher concentrations

The fewer ingredients you see on a label, the higher the concentration of each one will be. Using higher concentrations of fewer carefully selected ingredients will enhance the benefits of each one.

Many ingredients can irritate the skin

For those with sensitive skin, a long list of ingredients is not favorable at all, as they may experience unexpected irritation from any of them.

Identify the problem

A minimalist approach to daily skin care is the most effective way to determine which products work and which ones may be causing issues. Therefore, it is advisable to set aside complex products for a while and then identify the specific ingredients that your skin loves and those that cause problems.

Are you ready to embrace this new trend?

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