Elige para tu vida solo aquello que te hace bien- Beneficios de la cosmética natural

Choose for your life only what is good for you - Benefits of natural cosmetics

Luckily, cosmetic habits are changing and we are returning to the essence of good cosmetics. In recent years, natural cosmetics are gaining ground over industrial cosmetic products, thanks to their natural formulations, in which chemical elements are absent.

There is a growing awareness about everything around us and what each of us can contribute to a better world and a healthier life. Here are some of the benefits of using natural cosmetic products:

Contains more active ingredients

Industrial cosmetic products usually have a long list of ingredients. Most of these ingredients do not benefit our skin at all, they are simply fillers used to reduce costs.

In natural cosmetics, all these filler ingredients are eliminated, leaving only the essentials for the formula, and therefore, the amount of oils, which are beneficial for our skin, is higher.

Avoid questionable ingredients

There are ingredients commonly used in industrial cosmetics that have serious adverse effects associated with them. For the use of these ingredients to be legal, they cannot exceed a certain amount in the product.

But what if several of the cosmetics you use daily contain these questionable ingredients? Do you think they add up? As we mentioned in the post "What is natural cosmetics," 60% of the ingredients that come into contact with our skin are absorbed.

Ideal for sensitive skin

Although people with sensitive skin need to know their skin to know what works for them and what doesn't, natural cosmetics are usually a solution to their problems, since, having a composition of animal or plant origin, they adapt perfectly to our skin, avoiding allergic reactions.

Cruelty free

Natural cosmetics, by philosophy, do not use animals in their tests or in the ingredients they use in their formulas. So, if you buy this type of cosmetics, you are helping to stop cruelty to thousands of animals worldwide every year.

Environmentally friendly

Most natural cosmetics brands have an eco-sustainable philosophy. They are usually very conscious of protecting the environment, so they use recyclable materials, thus avoiding plastic in their packaging.

And you, do you choose natural cosmetics?

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