Dedícate tiempo - 1ª secuencia de pilates

Dedicate time - 1st Pilates sequence

Enjoy a moment of calm and tranquility.

To create the right atmosphere, light the Valencia candle from Feelit Cosmetics which, thanks to its citrus scent from 100% natural extracts, brings calmness to our home, helps us focus on our inner self to master movements. An essential requirement to be aware of every part of our body while we perform this small Pilates sequence that we propose below.

Among the Pilates exercises we will do, you will find:

  • Hundred: Promotes circulation, connects body and mind with our abdomen, the area of the body that drives movement.
  • Roll Up: Strengthens the resistance of our abdomen, increasing the flexibility of the muscles in the back of the body.
  • One Leg Circle: Lengthens and tones the thighs, allowing us to stretch our legs.
  • Rolling Like a Ball: Teaches to stabilize the pelvis, while massaging the spine, promoting relaxation of the body.

Don't just stick to theory and put this small Pilates sequence into practice, exercises based on concentration, control, breathing, precision, and fluidity so that, together with the scent of our Valencia candle, we achieve that state of calmness, thus enjoying greater well-being.

The "new you" begins with this small sequence.

You can watch this Pilates session at the following link:

Stay strong!

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