After the holidays and indulging in all kinds of excess, we return to our routine, but this time with new purposes, new hopes, new motivations.

An endless list of goals set on December 31st, born out of the excitement for the arrival of a new year but... when we return to our routine, well, as we all know, it's not as simple as it seems to fulfill each one of them.

Breathe and... CALM, everything you need to fulfill those purposes is within you, inside you. You just need to stop, take a deep breath, and from that place of peace and tranquility, release control and let everything gradually come true.

From Feelit Cosmetics with Ana Aguado (@_maestrillaplum), Pilates Mat instructor, we invite you to make this 2021 very different.

How will we do it?

This year you can't lose sight of us! We come with new initiatives, different but that will make you live with all your senses.

We will combine physical exercise, Pilates practice, with the benefits that aromas and the use of healthy ingredients in our diet and cosmetics bring us.

We will share tips with you to reduce stress, improve our mental concentration, our self-esteem and thus enjoy greater well-being with ourselves.

Enhance your healthy habits, join our Newsletter and enjoy with us the art of living consciously.

Are you in?


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